Ceiling Fan Installation in Rowlett, TX

At W3 Electric, our expert electricians offer our customers a number of helpful electrical services in Rowlett, Texas, including ceiling fan installation. A ceiling fan can be an outstanding solution when you want to keep a room cool on a budget.  

Ceiling Fan Installation 

Like any other electrical appliance in a home, ceiling fan installation requires expertise. Tasks like upgrading a fan, installing one in a room that doesn’t currently have a switch, or adding a light to an existing fan can be complex. These tasks require the expertise of an experienced electrician.

At W3 Electric, our professional electricians have the tools, knowledge, and skills to conduct a variety of ceiling fan installations. Our team can provide you with quick, high-quality service, so you can rest easy knowing the job was done right.

Ceiling Fan Selection

Selecting a new ceiling fan is fun, but it can sometimes be a little bit complicated. There are many factors at play beyond matching the color of the blades to your furniture.

Our team of experts can help you to select the right ceiling fan for your home to match your style and fit your budget! Whether you’re looking for the perfect piece to accent your existing decor or you need a heavy-duty fan for an enclosed patio, we can help you to find the right fan for your needs.

The Benefits of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a convenient and attractive addition to any space that needs to be cooled. But they often offer homeowners so much more.

With a ceiling fan installation, you can expect to enjoy a number of benefits, including:

Lower Energy Costs

Air conditioners are one of the biggest energy hogs in a home. A huge percentage of a homeowners’ monthly energy bills comes from these systems. One way to create a cool environment during the hot summers in Texas is through ceiling fan installation. Ceiling fans require much less power and help to keep rooms cool all day.

By reducing your dependence on your air conditioning system, you can set your thermostat a little higher, but still enjoy cool and comfortable rooms.

Air Circulation

Ceiling fans keep air moving. This helps to create a more comfortable space for you and your family. Having better air circulation keeps spaces from feeling stuffy. Ceiling fans can also help to circulate warm air when it is colder outside. Running a ceiling fan clockwise can help to push warm air down into a space, making these fixtures useful at any time of the year.

Reduction in Odors

The increased air circulation from ceiling fans can help to reduce odors. By keeping the air moving, a ceiling fan can help rid a space of any foul or unwanted odors quickly. If you’ve got pets or love to cook, but hate the odors that come along with these hobbies, ceiling fans can be helpful.


Currently, there are a wide variety of styles for ceiling fans on the market. Because of this, the right ceiling fan can be the perfect way to accentuate or add to a room’s decor. Unlike air conditioners, ceiling fans provide cooling comfort and visual appeal at the same time.

Overall, ceiling fan installation can be a significant benefit to nearly any room in any home. Ceiling fans can lower your energy costs, keep air moving, assist in odor reduction, and even look good while doing it.

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At W3 Electric, it is our mission to provide honest guidance and service to our neighbors in Rowlett, Texas. Our team prides itself on efficiency, integrity, and people skills. Whether our customers require ceiling fan installation or other electrical services, our expert electricians provide quick, high-quality service at competitive prices.

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