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    Electrical Services in Addison, Texas

    As the leading provider of electrical services in Addison, Texas, W3 Electric prides itself on our community ties and the high-quality electrical service we provide. W3 Electric provides a wide range of residential electrical services. Our professional technicians can do it all, from new-home electrical installation to landscape lighting and electric vehicle charger installation.

    W3 is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and Living Magazine recently voted us as the Best Electrician and Best Outdoor Lighting Company in the area. Whatever your electrical needs, you can trust us to get the job done.

    Professional Electrical Services Company in Addison, Texas

    Our technicians are certified and trained using the newest methods and techniques. Whether you need electrical repair, electrical installation, lighting services, or more, we have years of experience and the knowledge to get the job done right at a price that is easy on your wallet. We don’t just work on new homes; our electrical services in Addison, Texas, include everything from landscape lighting to outlet installation and even the installation of ceiling fans.

    Don’t leave your home’s electric systems in the hands of shoddy technicians. Our awards speak for themselves, and our dedication to customer satisfaction means our clients keep coming back. Our electricians are experts on the entire array of electrical services. Some of our most popular services include:

    Electrical Repair

    W3 Electric is an electrical services provider serving Addison, Texas, and the surrounding area, but our services go way beyond electrical installations. Our premium service also means we can help when something has gone wrong with your current electric system. Our professional electricians are fully licensed and will assess any problems and develop a solution that works within your budget.

    Sometimes we may offer an upgrade to your system to increase efficiency and reliability, or you may just need a simple repair to get your home back to normal. Your home will likely need electrical repair as it gets older, and any lingering issues could cause danger if left unchecked.

    Our expert electricians in Addison, Texas, will be able to assess any current appliances you have in the house. If there are issues with a device, there’s a good chance your electrical system needs repairs. If you have breakers tripping, lights dimming, or outlets overheating, give W3 a call to get a quick, professional electrical repair.

    For $30 Off Your Next Service, Give Us a Call Now at (972) 793-0733.

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    Outlet Installation

    Outlets are a very important part of any home, and not all outlets are made the same. Cheap outlets could overheat, and shoddy installation could cause sparks or shocks when being used. Our electrical services in Addison, Texas, include professional outlet installation using a wide variety of outlet types. If you have an older home, we can install many exciting options to modernize your home.

    USB outlets are multifunctional. Most have a typical outlet for plugging in your regular appliances, while there are also built-in USB plugs. You can use these plugs for various purposes, including charging a phone, tablet, or other USB devices without the need for a charging block. Smart wall outlets are also a great option for the 21st century home. These outlets tend to be more efficient and allow your appliances and fixtures to be controlled using Google, Alexa, Siri, or other virtual assistants. With these outlets, you can use your voice or smartphone instead of physically interacting with your fixture.

    W3 Electric Offers a Variety of Trusted Electrical Services

    W3 Electric

    Landscape Lighting

    As a homeowner, you work hard to maintain the exterior of your home. With our lighting services, your landscape will be more appealing, safer,  and easier to navigate. Although many people think that electricians only work inside the home, our well-trained technicians are experts at creating beautiful displays in your yard, garden, pool area, and more.

    W3 Electric will not only provide the wiring for your external lighting, but has a wide choice of lighting solutions that we will install as well. We have LED lighting to create an energy-efficient design, security lighting to keep your home protected, and path lighting to make sure that you and your guests can easily navigate your property day or night. Professional landscape lighting can:

    • Prevent accidents from happening by ensuring every area is well lit
    • Create new entertaining opportunities in areas that were once too dark to use
    • Accentuate the beautiful landscaping of your home
    • Improve the value of your home by increasing curb appeal

    Our lighting services can make a night and day difference in your home — literally!


    Fixture Installation

    If your home needs a refresh, allow the experts at W3 to install new fixtures in your house. New lighting in the common areas of your home can make a huge difference in not only your home’s appeal but the usability of different spaces.

    The weather in Addison, Texas, can be described as “warm” on a good day. Our team can install beautiful ceiling fans in your home that not only accentuate the design of your home but provide active cooling to keep you comfortable in your bedroom and living rooms.

    Quality Electrical Services You Can Rely On

    W3 Electric provides award-winning electrical services in Addison, Texas. Whether you need an installation in a new home, repairs for an aging home, or landscape lighting to make your home shine, give W3 Electric a call to schedule an appointment.

    For Trusted Electrical Solutions, Contact W3 Electric or Give Us a Call at (972) 793-0733.

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