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Whole Home Generator Installation

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    Whole Home Generator Installation in Rowlett, TX and the Dallas Metroplex

    generac whole home generator installation W3 ElectricIf you’re a resident of the DFW Metroplex, you understand the importance of having a whole home generator installation when the electrical grid goes down. When your home loses power, a backup generator can provide the comfort and electricity you need, and in severe weather, this could ensure the safety of you and your family. 

    Thanks to W3 Electric, residents of the Dallas and Fort Worth area can experience the convenience and security of a whole house generator installation. Our Generac brand generators are a leading choice for homeowners seeking to power their homes during an outage.

    What is a Whole Home Generator?

    A whole-home generator sits outside your home, much like a central air conditioning unit. It’s wired directly into your home’s electrical system, providing backup power to your home or at least the most essential items.

    The Features of a Generac Whole Home Generator

    At W3 Electric, we rely on Generac whole house generators due to their superior performance and cost-effective features. A Generac generator offers advantages including:

    Automatic Operation

    These whole-home generators will automatically come on within seconds of a power outage, so you never have to worry about switching it on during a storm. That also means that if you’re away from home, your generator will activate automatically, giving you peace of mind that your home is receiving power even when you’re at work, on vacation, or simply running errands.

    Runs on Natural Gas or Liquid Propane

    Today’s modern generators run on natural gas or liquid propane (LP) for operation. These fuel sources offer a high degree of efficiency, which reduces your operating cost and ensures that your generator can keep running for a more extended period.

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    What Are the Benefits of Whole Home Generator Installation?

    Whole-home generator installation offers you peace of mind in an increasingly uncertain world. Generac offers customers 24/7 support around the clock from their headquarters based in Wisconsin. That means that you can get personal assistance, whether it’s a night, weekend, or even a holiday, from a living agent that works for a company in the United States. With a whole-home generator, you and your family can enjoy the following benefits:

    W3 Electric Offers a Variety of Trusted Electrical Services

    W3 Electric

    Comfort and Safety

    Power outages during severe weather can pose a significant hazard to you and your home. During the winter, prolonged power outages can leave you and your family vulnerable to low temperatures, which can be problematic for your comfort and health. Not only that, but if the temperature drops below freezing, it can cause pipes to burst and result in further damage to your home. During the summer, high temperatures can likewise compromise your health and comfort. 

    Whole-home generator installation can keep your HVAC system running no matter what’s going on outside your windows. That can ensure that your home remains safe and comfortable for you and every member of your family.


    Emergency Power Throughout Your Home

    Portable generators can provide limited illumination and run a few select appliances, but you can achieve power throughout your home with a whole house generator. That means that during a power outage, you will essentially have complete access to your home’s electrical devices and appliances. However, you may need to ration your energy use to conserve fuel.

    Security Outside and In

    W3 Electric LogoSome thieves take advantage of power outages to prey on vulnerable homeowners who are (literally) left in the dark and, as a result, easy targets. But when you have your own generator, you can maintain exterior lighting to deter potential thieves, and you can keep your home security system in operation to provide complete protection for your home.

    Prevent Food Spoilage

    Without power, it becomes hard to know whether the food in the fridge is still safe to eat. Many homeowners toss the contents of the refrigerator rather than risk food poisoning. But a backup generator provides confidence that your milk and other home staples are safe to eat.

    Prevent Flooding

    Power outages often accompany heavy rain. With a backup generator, you can be confident that your sump pump continues to work, eliminating the possibility of a flooded basement.

    Take a Hot Shower

    Having a backup generator ensures that your water heater supplies enough hot water for your bath or shower, providing a bit of normalcy when your home loses power.

    Discounted Homeowners Insurance

    Whole-home generator installation could mean that your insurance provider offers you a discount on your insurance premiums. Why? Insurance companies understand that generators provide real benefits and reduce the possibility that your home could experience damage or be subject to break-ins. Check with your insurance provider to see if they offer any discounts for a whole home generator.

    Contact a Trusted Electrician at W3 Electric

    In an uncertain world, doesn’t your family deserve the certainty a generator can provide? If you’re in the DFW Metroplex, contact the friendly team at W3 Electric. We can supply whole house generator installation with reliable service and at an affordable price. Contact us by phone or on the web to schedule your service appointment today.

    For Trusted Electrical Solutions, Contact W3 Electric or Give Us a Call at (972) 793-0733.

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