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Whole House Surge Protection

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    Whole House Surge Protection in Rowlett, TX and the Dallas Metroplex

    whole house surge protection W3 Electric

    Take a look around you. How many appliances do you see inside your home right now? Without electric surge protection, these appliances are vulnerable to power surges that can damage or even destroy their sensitive components. At W3 Electric, we believe that a world that depends on technology should also rely on whole house surge protection, which provides comprehensive coverage for every appliance in your home.

    What Causes Power Surges?

    Some customers associate power surges with lightning strikes, which can easily damage and destroy your electronic devices. While this is certainly the case, lightning is a relatively rare source of power surges. You’re much more likely to experience a power surge from the following sources:

    • Faulty wiring in your home
    • Downed power lines
    • Your utility company is having trouble with lines or transformers

    Most of your household appliances are designed to accommodate 120 volts of electricity. Any “surge” in voltage that exceeds this standard can cause the wiring and electrical components in your device to overheat and start to burn. That can be especially true for electronic devices that rely on complex circuitry or microchips. Unfortunately, that means that some of the most advanced devices in your home are also the most vulnerable.

    What Is Whole House Surge Protection?

    Chances are, you’re already relying on inexpensive, multi-outlet surge protectors for your valuable electronics such as your home computer, TV, or stereo. But think about how many other appliances are left vulnerable to power surges! Even a slight power surge can be enough to wreak havoc with the sensitive electrical components of today’s appliances and devices. These might include:

    • Laptop/Personal computer
    • TV
    • Stereo equipment
    • “Smart” speakers
    • Microwave
    • Stove
    • Refrigerator
    • Washer/Dryer
    • Small kitchen appliances
    • Cell phone chargers

    Yes, even your cell phone may be vulnerable when it’s plugged into a wall charger. While store-bought surge protector strips have their uses, they can be easily overwhelmed by sudden surges in electricity. Only whole home surge protection provides blanket electric surge protection for every device you use.

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    How Does Whole House Surge Protection Work?

    When you buy a household power strip, you’ll notice that they offer different power ratings, which means that some household power strips can “absorb” more electricity than others. When you experience a sudden spike in electrical current, a typical surge protector automatically shifts the “extra” electricity into metal oxide varistors (MOVs) inside the power strip. But power surges that exceed these capacities will overload the power strip, and even if the strip protects your device, you’ll need to replace the surge protector after a single power surge.

    Whole house surge protectors work by the same principle, though their sophisticated components ensure their ability to withstand even the most substantial power surge and continue protecting over many years. A whole-home surge protector can be wired into your home’s electrical panel, ensuring that they protect every device and appliance in your home and keep your family safe.

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    Benefits of Whole House Surge Protection

    Whole house surge protection offers a range of benefits, including:

    Protecting Your Valuable Electronics

    Thankfully, power surges are relatively uncommon, but even a small surge can decimate your expensive electronics. Think of a whole house surge protector as an insurance policy, ensuring that your home’s electronics are protected if the worst should happen.


    Protect Your Data

    What’s stored on your computer right now? If you’re like most people, you have many important files and family photos you can’t afford to lose. You may rely on a cloud-based backup system, but a power surge could destroy your hard drive and cause you to lose any files or photos you haven’t backed up. Whole house electric surge protection covers more than just the device itself; it can protect your files, photos, and family memories.

    Save Money

    Recovering from a power surge can be expensive. Not only will you have to pay to repair or replace damaged appliances, but you may also have to pay for electrical repair when a power surge damages your wiring, outlets, or your electrical panel itself. Investing in a whole-home surge protector can save you from expensive repairs in the future.

    What Is the Cost of Installing Whole House Surge Protection?

    The cost of whole home surge protection varies. A licensed electrician will need to evaluate your home’s electrical panel and assess your overall electrical needs to determine your best option for installing a whole-home surge protector. A whole house surge protector is like purchasing an insurance policy for your home: it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it! The peace of mind you get offsets the installation cost that whole house surge protection can bring.

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    Homeowners in the DFW Metroplex can depend on the dependable, reliable service of W3 Electric. We offer various electrical installation and repair services, including the installation of whole home surge protection systems. If you’re ready for comprehensive protection for your home and its appliances, give us a call or contact us on the web today.

    For Trusted Electrical Solutions, Contact W3 Electric or Give Us a Call at (972) 793-0733.

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